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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Meat

Not all meat is created equal. But we believe one thing to be true: All meat is delicious! Choosing the best meat for your needs is something we’re well equipped to do. But here are a few tips and tricks to consider when you’re picking out your own protein!



Beef, it’s what’s for dinner! Did you know that Americans consume over 27 billion pounds of beef every year? That’s a lot of grilling, smoking, and roasting! When you’re selecting tonight’s dinner, remember to look at the labels. Each ranking means something a little different, and it can get confusing with so many options. So we’ve broken it down into a few tender paragraphs to help you make your next meal a real mooving experience.


U.S. Prime

In the U.S., Prime is the best of the best. It has the most fat, the most marbling, and is very tender. Because of this, it does great with methods like roasting, grilling, frying, broiling, and baking. You’re generally going to pay a premium for these cuts, so don’t skimp on your other ingredients. Pop open a bottle of your favorite wine and get ready to savor every bite.


U.S. Choice

Meat in this category is more readily available. It accounts for roughly 50% of all graded beef in the US. It’s widely available to both consumers and restaurants and can be easily found in most supermarkets. Do you love to barbecue? This category is stocked with delicious cuts that do well with grilling, roasting, and braising.


USDA Choice

Despite being the “third tier” grade, USDA choice meat isn’t “bad” meat. Meat labeled with USDA choice simply means that the fat marbling isn’t as prominent as it is in other qualities. Roasts and steaks from this category will still be juicy and flavorful. Some of the less tender cuts in this ranking are great for braising, slow roasting, or even adding to soups (can you say beef stew?).


Note: Grading meat is completely optional. If a producer wants to have their meat graded, it’s a service that they pay for. Graded meat isn’t the same as meat inspection (which is required by law).


Dry Aging

Dry aging is a special process where meat is literally left to dry in humidity-controlled, near-freezing temperatures. Like aging cheese, dry-aging meat intensifies the natural beefy flavor and produces a very tender product. Note that this process requires special equipment and knowledge of the technique. Don’t just leave your meat uncovered in the fridge!

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Chicken is arguably the most common, versatile meat in the world. We Americans eat close to 92 pounds of chicken a year per person. So if we’re going to eat it anyway, we’d better make sure it’s worth putting in our mouths!

Thomas Meat and Seafood Market only sells premium, hormone, and antibiotic-free, free-range chicken providing you with the best tasting meat possible. We want to make sure that our customers are experiencing the absolute highest quality chicken we’re able to provide. TMSM offers a wide selection of options when it comes to chicken including boneless skinless breasts, cut wings, whole legs, bone-in thighs, cooked rotisserie (parts and whole chicken), chicken wellington, and stuffed boneless skinless chicken breasts.

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Coming in just under chicken for U.S. consumption, we eat about 50 pounds of pork a year. That’s worth squealing over! Pork is popular because (let’s be frank), bacon and ribs taste good. Fatty or lean, skin on or skin off, we love it all.

TMSM sells premium pasture-raised pork products made from Duroc pigs. Duroc pigs are bred for better flavor and quality. These cuts are typically dark red in color and have a good meat to marbling ratio, and maintain moisture well. This ensures every bite is juicy and delicious! Pork is a versatile protein, and its consistency makes it great for a variety of cooking styles. Pork fat is used a lot in cooking for its ability to make other foods crispy, as well as give them that unmistakable porky flavor!

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When you’re picking seafood, it’s important to remember one general rule of fin: Fresh fish doesn’t smell fishy! Freshly caught fish should smell mild and oceanic and should be firm to the touch, with a little bounce back.

Thomas Meat and Seafood brings in fresh seafood within 48 hours of being caught. As all of our seafood is fresh, make sure to call ahead to ensure we have what you’re looking for. Large orders may require a few extra steps, but we’re dedicated to making sure you get the best quality seafood, straight from the water and into your pan!

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Other Cuts

While not as common, for those looking to be a little more adventurous we recommend something for our Other Cuts selection. We’re dedicated to offering our clients not only the best quality of meat but also an interesting selection of meats that may be a little off the beaten path. Exotic meats, while not typically found in standard groceries in this area are found all over the U.S. and can be cooked in a variety of different and unique ways. Bring something new to the table and impress your friends and family!

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Grilling Extras

No meal is complete without sides (and sometimes they’re the best part)! We like to think of these items as companions to a bigger meal, but they’d also make delicious entrees all by themselves. TMSM is proud to provide its customers with a variety of grilling extras to help you round out your outdoor cooking menu. Keep things healthy and interesting with a tasty vegetable or sirloin kebob, bring the heat with a few jalapeno poppers, live it up with some bacon-wrapped artichoke hearts!

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Nothing is sadder than a plain chicken breast, or an under-seasoned steak. We often get asked, “What’s the secret to great home cooking?” And to that we say...SEASONING! Luckily, TSMS has a whole catalog of signature seasonings for any application. Wet or dry, grilled or roasted, spicy or mellow; we’ve got you covered!

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Made Local 

At Thomas Meat and Seafood we constantly search for the local producer, the local cook, the local BBQ expert, and if they have products (seasoning) to offer.  When we find these local gems, we try our best to feature them in our store.  So please ask us what we have that is made Local. 


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