Menu Suggestions


  • Tuscan Roasted Honey Turkey with Bacon Cheddar Cheese and a Special Creamy Italian Sauce served on Brioche Bread (served warm in a roll top chaffing dish)

  • Chicken Tender Pattie with Bacon, Melted Mozzarella Cheese and Ranch Dressing

  • Beef Brisket with Tangy Cole Slaw and Barbeque Sauce

  • Pulled Pork with Cole Slaw and Barbeque Sauce

  • Roasted Pork Belly BLT topped with a Fried Green Tomato Bibb Lettuce and Remoulade Sauce on a Brioche Bun

  • Mini Muffuletta with Olive Tapenade and Smoked Mozzarella Cheese

  • Smoked Chicken Salad with Pepper Jelly

  • Autumn Berry Chicken with Pecans on Croissants

Rotisserie Chicken Wings

Served warm in a Roll Top Chaffing Dish

Various Sauce Options

  • Mango Habanero

  • Teriyaki

  • Garlic Parmesan

  • Asian Ginger

  • Bourbon Barbeque

  • Ranch


Simmered in Our Signature Barbeque Sauce or an Italian Marinara Sauce. Served Warm in a Roll Top Chaffing Dish

Pork Tenderloin Medallions

Served Warm in a Roll Top Chaffing Dish with Brioche Buns and a side dish of Horseradish Sauce

Charcuterie Board

This is not a “NEW” item in the culinary world. It originated about 6,000 years ago, when meat had to be either salted or smoked for preservation. The French brought the word Charcuterie to the world by identifying the shops that sold smoked, dry-cured, or cooked meats and they took the Charcuterie Board to a “Culinary Art Form.”

The epic Charcuterie Board is usually created on a wood board (ours is on an Authentic Italian wine barrel top).

Charcuterie Options:

  • Salami: Capicola, Genoa, Finocchiona

  • Prosciutto

  • Pepperoni

  • Grilled Artichokes Hearts

  • Pickled Okra

  • Varied Cheese Slices- Mozzarella, Cheddar, Gouda, Brie, Blue Marble, Honey and/or Raspberry Goat Cheese 

  • Olives

  • Grapes

  • Dried Apricots

  • Banana Chips

  • Blue Berries

  • Pickles

  • Assorted Nuts

  • Spreads: Fig, Mango or Green Pepper Jelly, or Apricot Spread

  • Bread: Baguettes, Crostini, Bruschetta or Assorted Crackers

Meat & Cheese Trays

Selections of meat and cheese arranged with assorted crackers.

  • Roasted Honey Turkey

  • Smoked Ham

  • Roast Beef

  • Cooked Andouille Sausage: Green Onion, Smoked, Cajun. Black Oak, Pineapple, Wild Boar, Beef

  • Cubed Cheddar

  • Cubed Swiss

  • Cubed Gouda

  • Cubed Pepper Jack

  • Cubed Southwestern

  • Chèvre (CHEV RA) French for Goat cheese your choice Honey and/or Raspberry

Olive Tray

  • Black Olives

  • Green Olives Stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese, Feta Cheese or Blue Cheese

  • Kalamata Olives

Gumbo & Cheese Grits

MADE TO YOUR SPECIFICATION: (no seafood & no pork made with Springer Mountain chicken and chicken andouille sausage or shrimp and pork andouille sausage may be used) This dish is served warm in a Roll Top Chaffing Dish

Fruit Tray

  • Fruit trays with choice of pineapple, grapes, honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberries and Fruit Dip

  • Fruit skewers with chocolate drizzle.

Warm Spinach and Artichoke Dip

served with Pita Chips

Salad Bars

  • Spinach Leaves with strawberries, mangoes, slivered almonds, honey roasted pecans, feta cheese, choice of Poppyseed dressing and/or Raspberry Vinaigrette

  • Garden Salad Iceberg Lettuce with shredded cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, croutons, Bacon Bits, choice of Mango-Pineapple Vinaigrette (our House Dressing), Raspberry Vinaigrette and/or Blue Cheese

  • Caesar Salad with Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese, topped with Lemon Wedges and Caesar dressing


  • Sweet and Unsweet Iced Tea (Lemon Wedges, Artificial Sweetener, Sugar and Ice supplied)

  • Lemonade-Raspberry, Blueberry, Pink, Regular

  • Water

  • Coffee (Half and Half, Artificial Sweetener and Sugar supplied)

  • Canned Soda


  • Decorated Cheese Cake Bites

  • Peach and/or Apple Cobbler

  • Strawberry Cake

  • Cheese Cake

  • Banana Pudding 

  • Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Sugar, Oatmeal and Double Chocolate Chip (2oz or 4oz)

  • Brownies

Thank you for considering Thomas Meat and Seafood for your catering services. We are family owned and operated, and we feel that our customers are members of our family too.