We are thrilled to carry on the tradition of providing the best cuts of meat and freshest seafood around. We have one objective: make our customers happy. We continue this philosophy to this day, adding some of our years of cooking and hospitality to the mix as well. We aim to be your number one resource for the highest quality food and we don't mind sharing our recipes and cooking tips either!


Brands We Carry:

Creekstone Farms

We proudly offer Creekstone Farms® Premium Black Angus Beef.  Creekstone Beef never adds hormones, antibiotics or any artificial ingredients.  Tenderness is guaranteed, and our cattle are raised on a 100% vegetarian diet.  Black Angus beef has always been the gold standard for premium beef.  Creekstone Natural Black Angus Beef products come from source-verified cattle, with documented Black Angus genetics.  The result is extraordinary natural beef, raised naturally - without the use of supplemental hormones or antibiotics.  This guarantees our customers rich flavor and unequalled tenderness.  Creekstone is the only beef company in America to have received a coveted Five Star Diamond award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.  Our beef is recognized for it's consistent quality by many of the country's leading chefs and is increasingly showing up on menus in the finest dining establishments.


Springer Mountain Farms

We proudly offer Springer Mountain Farms chicken.  Springer Mountain Farms is proud to say that our chicken is not only 100% natural, with no steroids or hormones, but are also produced with no antibiotics and are never fed animal by-products.  Our chickens are American Human Society Certified.  Our chicken is USDA Grade A.  Chickens are fed a 100% vegetarian diet of corn and soybeans.  Our chickens are raised in an eco-friendly environment, cage-free and free of predators and natural elements.  All the care we take in our stock translates to the most delicious, juicy chicken you can imagine!
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